Development of Sense and Avoid System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been drawing great attention in the recent decades due to the applications in the pipeline monitoring, film, mapping, agriculture, to name just a few. The question that comes up is: is it safe to share the sky with manned aircraft and other unmanned systems? For the safety of the manned aircraft and UAVs themselves, as well as for people on the ground, the Sense & Avoid system (S&A) should be developed and implemented on the UAVs. This project is to design S&A system with emphasis on the collision avoidance system to improve the safety level of next generation UAVs. The basic idea is to avoid collision with stationary or moving obstacles using the developed system. The project benefits the partner development of the next generation autopilot as it is crucial for the wide range of applications of UAVs and the system has not yet been commercialized.

Faculty Supervisor:

Inna Sharf


Bin Yu





Aerospace and defense


McGill University



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