Development of silicon photonic chips for 100G/400G datacenter applications

The ever-increasing demand for high-throughput links for datacenters applications forces module suppliers to develop optical transceivers that operate at higher bit rates. TeraXion is currently developing such transceivers in a silicon photonic chip for 100G/400G datacom applications. Among other components, the silicon photonic chip will comprise several modulators, necessary to encode the information into the optical carrier, efficient spot size converters used to couple the light between the fiber and the chip and multiplexer/demultiplexer for on-chip routing channels having different optical wavelength. Specifically, throughout this project, assessment of the modulation bandwidth, the insertion loss, and efficiency of TeraXion second modulator generations will be done. Furthermore, new high efficiency spot size converters design for polarization insensitive coupling will be pursued. Finally, design of multiplexer/demultiplexer will be done for LAN and CWDM short reach applications. This project will accelerate the product development since these three specific items are key factors to bring the chip to the level of potential commercialization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sophie LaRochelle


Alexandre Delisle-Simard




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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