Development of sustainable technology based on natural clay mineral

Most Canadians live in the urban regions, and most Canadian cities receive snow every year. For instance, Montreal receives about 2.3 meter of snow every year. This snow accommodates various human-made pollutants in cities and accumulates over long Canadian winter. This application to support an intern which will be involved in a collaborative project with PO-labs within PRIMA Quebec aiming to build upon the new innovation at McGill using clay minerals. We intend to use these traps to remove pollutants in snow. This innovation contributes to reduce air pollution particulate matter, in atmosphere and atmospheric interfaces such as snow. In this project, we will use a clay-based sustainable technology developed in Montréal to remove pollutants, such as snow metal contaminants and organic compounds. Through combined field and laboratory studies we will use this developed technology for decontamination of snow in for a wide range of pollutants.

Faculty Supervisor:

Parisa A Ariya


Hem Ghimire;Houjie Li






Professional, scientific and technical services


McGill University



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