Development of Tall-Structure Lightning Return-Stroke Current Modelling for Lightning Protection of Wind Turbines

The lightning return-stroke is the vital component of a lightning flash since it causes most of the lightning-related damages/disturbances to electric power lines and installations. This research emphasizes the development of a lightning return-stroke model in order to analytically correlate the lightning current, usually measured at a tall structure, to its associated lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP). Such model will not only contribute to solving a major problem in lightning research, where lightning current characteristics are estimated based on the easily measured LEMP, but will also enable the development of more sophisticated measures for lightning protection of tall structures, such as wind turbines. Numerous observations have shown that the majority of lightning flashes striking wind turbines are upward initiated, which is similar to the CN Tower lightning. Therefore, the extensive CN Tower lightning data, recorded since 1991, is very relevant to lightning protection of wind turbines, which is of major interest in Ontario, the Canadian leader in wind power.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Ali Hussein


Maiusz Milewski



Engineering - computer / electrical


Environmental industry


Ryerson University



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