Development of three-dimensional models for analysing mid-rise wood frame buildings

Starting in April 2009, six storey (mid‐rise) high wood frame buildings will be allowed in certain regions of Canada. This will be a new experience to design engineers in Canada, and research is required to support this new development which will expand the use of wood products beyond the traditional low rise, primarily residential construction market. Specifically, engineers have expressed the need to develop innovative connection detailing for these mid‐rise buildings so that applied design forces can be transmitted effectively and sagely between structural components such as beam, wall, floor and roof. This project will develop 3‐dimenstional models of mid‐rise buildings. At the outset of the project with FPInnovations, a survey of engineers in Vancouver will be conducted to identify potential construction detailing that can be further evaluated in this project using the develop computer models.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Y.H. Chui


Lina Zhou


FPInnovations - Forintek Division




Construction and infrastructure


University of New Brunswick



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