Development of transparent materials to be used as screen for glazed windows

Projection on optically transparent screens is a rapidly growing technology that opens a wide field of practical applications like glazed windows. For example, navigating information can be displayed on car windshields and aircraft cockpit windows, eyeglasses can become monitor screens for work or entertainment and even glazing glass windows can be used as a projection screen. Nowadays, a variety of media for transparent screens have been developed for specific applications and some of them are already commercialized with their own pros and cons. Nevertheless, the main hurdle for each transparent medium used a screen is the complex tailoring and even lack of their transparency, hindering the visibility of commercialized products behind a shop window for instance. The proposed project aims at developing a new medium for transparent projection screens. This new material must be produced by a simple method, low cost and scalable to large sizes that are not currently available in the market. The project will benefit from both the expertise in screen projection of the industrial partner Qube-4D Ventures Inc., and in materials engineering of the Canada’s Excellence Research Chair in Photonic Innovations at Laval University under the leadership of Prof. Younes Messaddeq.

Faculty Supervisor:

Younès Messaddeq


Guillaume Salek


Qube 4D Ventures Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical




Université Laval



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