Development of transparent near-eye display using a sparse microlens array and lightfield principles

Head-mounted displays (HMDs) allow a convenient delivery of visualized data to the user. HMDs in the form of glasses and goggles (otherwise known as smart glasses and goggles), such as Vuzix Blade and Epson Moverio [1-3], have been introduced but the public acceptance of these devices have been rather lackluster. Part of the sluggish acceptance may be attributed to the still-high device costs (>$1000) and a large form-factor, owning largely to the fact that these devices utilize unique and sophisticated optics on dedicated and non-retrofittable platforms. In this research, we want to design a universal HMD optics that can be placed in the line of sight of the user and is thin and compact enough to be retroffitable on conventional eyewear, using microlens arrays (MLAs) and the lightfield principles.

Faculty Supervisor:

Boris Stoeber


Hongbae Sam Park


Form Athletica Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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