Development of ultrasonic based oil-water interface level monitoring device

The project aims at developing prototype of a new ultrasonic based device to monitor andmaintain oil-water interface position and oil layer height. Need for such a device has been identified for applications in oil-water separators commonly used in a number of processes. The ability to monitor interface position as well as liquid-layer thickness is essential to ensure continuous operation of separators and avoid complications in downstream processing and/or accidental discharge to sanitary or storm sewer systems. This is important to meet environmental regulations for discharge waters into sewer system and avoid penalties. Improved monitoring and control of these operations will enable them to become more competitive. The new device would have several desirable features such as self-calibration, low power consumption, resistance to fouling etc. These features were identified after a review of potential applications with our industry partner. Further a review of alternative technologies identified ultrasonic based device to hold the most potential to meet the requirements.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anand Prakash


Greg Elfers


Monteco Ltd.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Western University



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