Digital modelling of DC plasma torches (Part 2)

The use of plasma torches for the gasification of waste products enables the transformation of waste into clean energy with no residual by-products. As a result of the extremely high temperatures generated by plasma torches (from 5,000°C to 20,000°C depending on the type of gas used), torch and reactor modelling represent a technological challenge for designers. Digital modelling of the plasma flare and the electrical arc in the plasma torch will contribute to a better understanding of the degradation of the torch’s internal components. This degradation undermines the reliability of these systems, particularly its electrodes, and generates major operational costs. Among other objectives, this study will help improve plasma torch design. It will also enhance our understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of the plasma flare in view of efforts to integrate this plasma system to the study of the treatment of waste products using gasification reactors.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jean-Luc Meunier


Norma Mendoza


PyroGenesis Inc.






McGill University



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