Digital Youth Engagement Strategy Using a Critical Pedagogy of Place-based Perspective

The Atlantic Publisher’s Digital Youth Engagement Strategy (APDYES) is a partnership of Atlantic Canadian publishers, designed to digitally expand the reading experience of today’s “digital natives,” or youth. The strategy requires the research on a diverse Atlantic Canadian youth public to support the discoverability of Atlantic Canadian authors and other creative book content contributors in the digital realm and enhance this demographics’ experience of reading in general.
This research will be the foundation of an ongoing digital engagement strategy for Atlantic Canadian publishers with youth based in Atlantic Canada. The research project will mine information from a diverse youth public (aged 12 to 25) from across Atlantic Canada. It will involve researching best practices of digital engagement as these practices relate to encouraging the youth public to read – and particularly, from a “critical pedagogy of place”-based perspective. The results of the research project will be used to expand the digital influence and viability of Atlantic Canadian authors and publishers, while also supporting the grounding of Atlantic Canadian youth in a digital critical pedagogy of place.
To this end, the intern will use key components of Steve Blank’s Business Model Canvas — the development of a customer discovery process, and the testing

Faculty Supervisor:

Janna Rosales


Taylor Stocks


Nimbus Publishing




Information and cultural industries


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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