Disaster recovery and cloud bursting as a cloud service

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way organizations consume computing power as a service. Infrastructure as a Service allows a company to move away from purchasing computing, networking, and storage resources to purchasing from a service provider in a public cloud. This project will research and develop off-site encrypted virtual machine storage and disaster recovery planning solution built using public cloud infrastructure. The solution offers Recovery as a Service that medium-sized enterprises utilize primarily for the ability to backup and restore virtual machines for server and virtual desktop images. The research and development team will working closely with company expert in the area of cloud computing to advance this research topic and implementation of the solution. We are developing a solution in the area of cloud computing disaster recovery and off-site encrypted file storage for hybrid clouds in an enterprise environment. A full analysis will be conducted on applying cloud computing platform and infrastructure in enterprise IT and the impact of business units within the organization. Recommendations for syncing images and automation of backups are encapsulated into a web service. Techniques such as caching of live virtual machines into a staging area of a public cloud (AWS EBS) will be utilized.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Oliver Schulte


Ali Bozorgkhan, Hassan Khosravi & TBD


FusionPipe Software Solutions Inc.


Computer science


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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