Displaying QR Codes on Irregular Surfaces


The goal of this project is to facilitate the scanning of 2D barcodes printed on non-flat surfaces.  For example, the naïve placement of a 2D barcode on a beer mug or a coffee cup will present a variety of difficulties to a scanning application that is expecting a rendering of the barcode on a flat surface.  However, by warping the barcode image prior to printing it on the mug, it is possible to render the barcode so that it can “look” to the camera-based scanning application as if it were on a 2D surface. Project deliverables include technologies for creating and scanning such warped barcodes, and a study of the robustness of the same.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bruce Gooch


Sven Olsen




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies


University of Victoria



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