Distributed Learning over Edge Computing to Support Covid-19 Modelling

The proposed research will allow any device to contribute its computing capabilities to the general distributed computer. Combined, these devices become a super-computer — providing resources for researchers and scientists in their quest for discovery. This research focuses on the finely calibrated aspects of scheduling slices of computing on this computing network. The intern will be involved in performing the raw science in the laboratory and then bringing those results to the non-academic partner for incorporation into the product’s commercialization. By improving on the distributed computer, this project allows KDS to create a critical mass of users who love, utilize, and promote the DCP as a leading-edge tool for parallel computing worldwide. This will include the distributed computer’s support of the extension of COVID-19 and future pandemic analysis platform.

Faculty Supervisor:

Hossam Hassanein


Duncan Mays


Kings Distributed Systems


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Queen's University



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