Distributing Computing and Machine Learning Applications

Kings Distributed Systems (KDS) is working with researchers at Queen’s University to break down barriers to the development of powerful machine learning applications by using distributed computing. By connecting any device – everything from smartphones to enterprise servers – and harnessing their excess power to complete tasks, the Distributed Compute Protocol (DCP) substantially reduces costs while providing innovators and industries with the fuel they need to compete. It’s a scalable, easily accessible system that’s democratizing the industry and encouraging growth in emerging sectors. Applying this technology to the field of machine learning – often prohibitively expensive to explore due to the resources required – could spur an explosion of development.
Interns working with Kings Distributed will test the performance of existing machine learning algorithms before porting them to DCP in order to compare the results and answer fundamental questions regarding the viability of this process

Faculty Supervisor:

Farhana Zulkernine;Francois Rivest


Karen Batch;Duncan Mays;Sam Cantor


Kings Distributed Systems


Computer science


Information and cultural industries


Queen's University



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