Diversity and Abundance of Beneficial and Pest Insects in Canadian Prairie Agroecosystems – Year two

The proposed research project will assess the insect fauna present associated with prairie wetlands, as well as those found in adjacent fields of crop plants (canola, barley, wheat) and restored grasslands. Insects will be collected using various trapping methods to sample taxa exhibiting different lifestyles. Collected specimens will be identified as specifically as possible to determine taxa found in sampled habitats. This will provide information regarding species diversity and richness of insects in prairie wetlands, which act as nutrition for the waterfowl that Ducks Unlimited are focused on protecting. This information can further be used to assess the ecological health of habitats where Canadian waterfowl exist, as well as determine if beneficial or pest insects may be present in the vegetation surrounding those wetlands which may be affecting local waterfowl or other types of animals, or which may exert an effect on the croplands that prairie potholes exists in.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sean Michael Prager


Adam Robert John Jewiss-Gaines


Ducks Unlimited Canada





University of Saskatchewan



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