DreamWafer Intelligent Rapid Prototyping Platform for Electronic Systems

The WaterBoard is a 'waffle iron' for prototyping electronic systems. In the envisioned concept, the user simply places components('dough') in the WaferBoard and closes the cover. 'WaferBoard' then senses the component contacts and recognizes the components and interconnects them ('cooks them'). The prototype ('waffle') is now ready to be brought up and run. The WaferBoard will have saved the PCB development process weeks or months in time to market and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more). The interns will do research on the intelligent control software, which includes (1) the sofrware to bootup the WaferBoard, (2) the software to diagnose and map defect in the defect-tolerant JTAG chains and the defect-tolerant interconnection network, (3) the software to provide instruments to the user to diagnose and validate his application using the WaterBoard prototyping system capabilities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Yves Blaquiere


Jean-Sebastien Turgeon, Issam Eddine Hamzaoui, Etienne Lepercq, Mohammed Bougataya, Mamadou Diop and Oussama Berriah


Richard Prytula




Information and communications technologies


Université du Québec à Montréal



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