Dymedso FrequencerTM technology optimization

Dymedso is willing to introduce a new technology for sound-wave generation therapy that addresses some issues identified by patients and caregivers over the past years of use in clinical practice. The identified issues involve ergonomic and
performance limitations. For instance, the current version of the device is still cumbersome for patient use. Thus, for more practical and effective use, the device needs to be optimized in terms of size, weight, and overall performance. We will carefully analyze each of the modules composing The FrequencerTM including the sound-wave generator, the transducer, and the communication system to propose improvements for each of them. In addition, different types of sensors and feedback interfaces will be investigated for the new version in order to improve the effectiveness of this device.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mohamad Sawan


Fereidoon Hashemi-Noshahr


Dymedso Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices




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