Dynamic Bandwidth Management

In the telecommunications industry, many schemas exist to cap or limit bandwidth at certain levels for clients. However, there are no real options available to allow clients to intelligently utilize spare bandwidth above their committed purchase rates. We propose to design, implement and evaluate novel bandwidth allocation mechanisms for high speed networks like the Cybera network. Cybera is a not-for-profit, technology-neutral organization responsible for driving Alberta’s economic growth through the use of digital technology. Cybera’s core role is to oversee the development and operations of Alberta’s research and education network, providing its members (clients), including educational institutions, business incubators and not-for-profits with network connectivity to each other and the Internet. The objective of this project is to provide minimum bandwidth guarantee to clients, while allowing all active clients in the network to fairly share any spare capacity. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Mea Wang


Bibi Maryam Elahi


Cybera Inc


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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