Economic Growth and Development in Saskatchewan: Re-examining and Updating Input/Output Measurements for the Changing Business Climate

The July 2009 issue of Maclean's magazine published an article pertaining to 'Canada's Best and Worst Managed Cities.' The City of Saskatoon received an overall C- ranking in terms of economic development, and failed to meet relative national average standards.Since the 2007 year however, the provincial economy has undergone substantial gains in economic growth and productivity, as commodity prices have surged in response to increased demand for local resources. As a direct result of these favourable market conditions, Saskatchewan's GDP and productivity rates have dramatically risen since the 2007 fiscal year. Given the substantial business climate changes Saskatchewan has encountered since 2007, a closer examination of the efficiency and effectiveness measurements used within the Maclean's study is needed, as it is not clear why Saskatchewan has fared so poorly in terms of economic development. The following research project will assist The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce in reaching a decisive verdict surrounding the state of economic growth and development the city of Saskatoon is exhibiting.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Donald Gilchrist


Adam Cook


Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce





University of Saskatchewan



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