Economic Impact of Tourism in Kingston

At this juncture, much data on tourism in Kingston has been collected. However, no appropriate statistical method and analysis has been implemented yet to understand these data. The current project thus aims to create a benchmark for tourism data for Kingston by adopting various modelling techniques (e.g., Hierarchical Linear Modelling (Gelman, 2007), Multilevel Modeling (Green and Salkind, 2003), Regression, and Correlational analysis) to better understand and interpret these data. In addition, the City of Kingston and many organizations have just embarked on a 5-year tourism/destination strategic planning exercise and thus, our current project is looking to establish industry led, market driven and research-based data in Kingston that addresses what metrics might matter the most. As such, in the current project, we are aiming to seek for the appropriate statistical tool for the consolidation of data collection, and the appropriate overall process should be for analyzing the data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Li-Jun Ji


Zhi Ao Khei


Kingston Accommodation Partners Inc




Sports and recreation




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