Economic viability of an ecosystem-based management in an eastern Canadian boreal forest

New forest law in Quebec implemented since early this year requires the forest management companies to put ecosystem-based management in the center of their forest management strategies by designing the forest management activities to resemble closely the natural disturbances (e. g., clear cutting to emulate stand replacing disturbances and partial cutting for secondary disturbances). Partial cutting is expected to be intensified to meet this objective. However, we do not have enough experience to demonstrate that partial cutting is economically viable. Through the investment analyses in a boreal forest located in south-western Quebec and managed by Tembec Inc., this study is expected to provide the partner organization with knowledge on economic potential of the partial cutting of different intensity.

Faculty Supervisor:

Osvaldo Valeria


Narayan Prasad Dhital


Tembec Inc.




Pulp and paper


Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue



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