Effect of Leading-Edge Manufacturing Defects on Propeller Performance

The objective of the proposed research is to investigate the performance degradation of a full-scale modified NACA 66 section, which is typically used for marine propellers, due to leading-edge (LE) manufacturing tolerances. Two-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations will be carried out for the base section without defect (as designed) and sections with LE defects (as built) which are to be determined based on the ISO 484-1 Standard for propeller manufacture. The minimum pressures at various angles of attack (-4 degrees to +4 degrees) for these sections will be compared with those by Brockett (1966). The effect of LE defect on the cavitation bucket will be examined. Three-dimensional CFD simulations will also be conducted for the foil with 1m span, which will be tested in a cavitation tunnel. The experimental results will be used in future validation studies.

Faculty Supervisor:

Wei Qiu;Heather Peng


Ruosi Zha


Dominis Engineering


Engineering - other





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