Effective Simulation and Surface Reconstruction Approaches for Detailed Fluid Simulation Visual Effects

Creating computer generated animations and visual effects (VFX) of fluids is a challenging task. The goal of this project is to design novel approaches that ease the creation of fluid simulations for VFX. Four main challenges will be tackled: the simulation of viscous fluids, the gain in geometric details of free surface fluids, the texturing of free surface fluids, and the optimization of distributed computation for fluid simulation. A team of four graduate students and three professors will handle the academic research, and will collaborate with two industrial partners, specialized in VFX and computer animation for film and television. The prototype implementations for these novel approaches will allow the industrial partners to run tests on scenarios from past productions and other scenarios specifically crafted for this project. This will help the academic team in improving the approaches to maximize their usefulness for the Canadian computer graphics industry, and for the industrial partners.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Paquette


Bruno Roy, François Dagenais, Valentin Vervondel, Julián Edgardo & Guzmán Cortes


Mokko Studio


Engineering - computer / electrical


Digital media


École de technologie supérieure



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