Effectiveness of a Toilet Training Workshop for Parents of Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities


Although researchers have identified a number of successful toilet training interventions, parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities continue to have difficulty toilet training their children. The resulting lack of toileting competence can have negative effects on the lives of these children and their families. This study will evaluate the effectiveness of an innovative workshop designed to teach parents to toilet train their children with disabilities in a short period of time. The primary goal of the study is to provide parents with an efficient, effective, and low cost alternative to expensive toilet training interventions that are typically implemented by professionals, thus making toilet training more accessible to families. The partner organization, w hich regularly provides toilet training supports to families of children w ith autism and other disabilities, will incorporate the toilet training w orkshop protocol into its service and offer it to families, if it proves effective.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Pat Mirenda


Katherine Rinald


Coast Behaviour Analysts






University of British Columbia



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