Effects of a probiotic product from Lallemand Inc. on growth performance and intestinal morphology of chickens raised under suboptimal conditions

According to the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada produced 1.2 billion kilograms of chicken with chicken products worth $2.5 billion. Domestic consumption of chicken in 2016 was 32.5 kilograms per person. Canada exported over 5.3 million chicks worth over $13.4 million, mainly to the United States. That same year, 134.1 million kilograms of chicken meat and edible bi-products, worth $453.1 million, was exported to 60 countries, with the largest importers being the United States and Philippines. In order to maintain the healthy development of the industry, Canada’s chicken farmers continue to evolve their production practices in response to consumer preferences. The industry has developed strategies for antibiotic usage on the farm for reduction, surveillance, stewardship and research and innovation. After elimination of Category I antibiotics throughout the chicken sector in 2014, Chicken Farmers of Canada announced in 2017 that the chicken sector would be eliminating the preventative use of Category II antibiotics by the end of 2018. To maintain chicken’s health, probiotics are one of the alternatives to antibiotics. This proposed project will promoter the Canadian company to develop a product for Canadian poultry industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Xin Zhao


Muhammad Bilal


Lallemand Health Solutions


Animal science






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