Effects of forest harvest on population dynamics, distribution, and stoichiometry in lynx-hare-plant food webs in Newfoundland

The research team will investigate how plants and animals are affected by forestry. We will measure nutrients in the plants (specifically carbon and nitrogen) in areas with forest harvest and nearby Terra Nova National Park. We will collect plant samples to analyse in the lab for carbon and nitrogen content. We will also live-trap and mark snowshoe hares (which feed on plants) and live-trap lynx (which feed on the hares) and fit them with radio-collars. By tracking where the animals travel, we can relate that to the available nutrients and the effect of forest activity on animal movement. We will use this information to build predictive models to project how animals might be affected by forest activity and changes in available food and nutrients in other parts of the boreal forest. This will help our partner (Corner Brook Pulp and Paper) more effectively manage their forests to minimize impacts on the ecosystem.

Faculty Supervisor:

Eric Vander Wal


Maegwin Bonar


Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited




Pulp and paper


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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