Elderly monitoring

Develop an intelligent monitoring system for occupants within a closed environment. The following short and long term objectives are designed to allow this program to achieve its overarching objective of accurate and consistent identification of the state of well-being of an individual within a closed environment.
Short term objectives:
1. Develop algorithms for integrating data from multiple vision and depth cameras and obtain a robust estimations of location and the identity of an individual within the monitored space.
2. Develop a hierarchical model with part-based decomposition of the human body that is specifically geared for home monitoring and develop algorithms for instantiating such a model in real time for pose estimation.
3. Develop tracking algorithms that can incorporate data from multiple devices that include information rich sensors such as vision and depth sensors as well as information poor sensors such as motion sensors and audio sensors and can seamlessly transition among sensors while maintaining tracking.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jagath Samarabandu





Engineering - computer / electrical



Western University



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