Electrical Design for Acuva Arrow systems

The Acuva Technologies Inc. has designed and developed UV LED-based water purification machines. These machines are in their optimization stage for cost, complexity, and manufacturing time reduction. Adding some features such as graphical user interface, wireless connectivity and being self-powered increase the public popularity of these machines. Graphical LCD provides much more user-friendly interface by which the user has more control over the machine operation. Using PV solar cells to power the device when it is not easily accessible provides versatility to the machine. Wireless connectivity, whish is a common way of communication, provides remote monitoring, control and data storage. Having access to academic potentials and researchers to effectively optimize the design will strengthen the company at its early stage.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sudip Shekhar


Sam Lightbody


Acuva Technologies Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Natural resources




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