Electrical Heating for Oil Sands Production

Traditional oil sands production techniques include mining and transporting the sands and in situ production using steam injection, Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD). This proposed method will replace or enhance SAGD by using primarily traditional vertical well bores and an induction heating method which will potentially allow the heating effect to expand in diameter as production continues compared to steam injection which relies on steam permeating out from a concentrated injector. Another major energy advantage is that the heating can occur at precisely controlled times to meet the availability of power from sources such as wind. This will be a completely despatchable load of value to the utility. Joslyn Energy will benefit from being able to exploit resources close to an infrastructure or terrain where other production methods are not feasible.

Faculty Supervisor:

William Dunford


Ahmed Sherwali


Joslyn Energy Development Incorporated


Engineering - computer / electrical


Oil and gas




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