Electricity Trade with Quebec to Integrate Renewable Energy in Ontario: An Integrated Investment Appraisal Analysis

This research effort will measure the impacts on Ontario’s electricity sector of an increased level of imports from Quebec and its reliability to balance the renewable electricity generation facilities in Ontario. For this analysis, the historical operating information from both Quebec and Ontario’s electricity systems will be used. A comprehensive analysis will be carried out to identify the critical parameters that determine the economic feasibility of this option. A model will be developed for the appraisal of electricity trade between Quebec and Ontario. The model will identify the conditions when it is both an efficient method for energy security and a cost-effective way of stabilizing the electricity system. Alternative interventions will be evaluated to mitigate the variability of electricity generation by renewable electricity sources.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Milne


Pejman Bahramian





Professional, scientific and technical services


Queen's University



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