Electromagnetic Modeling of Mineralogies

Remarkably, very little prior work exists in the narrowly defined area of electromagnetic modeling of rocks and minerals. It is admittedly a difficult problem that requires, by definition, a multidisciplinary team with representation from both the mining and minerals domain as well as the EM modeling and simulation domain. Such a collocation of resources and expertise is being brought together in this team: Dr. Lowther brings decades of world-class research and development success in EM modeling and simulation, while MineSense is the only company in the world entirely focused on mineral sensing and sorting technology, products and solutions. This project seeks to collaboratively advance R&D in EM modeling and simulation for the development of new solutions for Minesense.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Lowther


Min Li, TBD


MineSense Technologies


Engineering - computer / electrical


Mining and quarrying


McGill University



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