Elimination of ethylene in AeroPod system

A local Canadian company that works on designing and manufacturing completely customizable and smart in-door ecosystems for sustainable production of fresh crops is our industrial partner. Our partner is dealing with the presence of ethylene in the atmosphere in the growth chamber. In this research, we will investigate the possibility of implementing an innovative technique that uses ozone assisted catalytic oxidation to convert ethylene to H2O and CO2 that are favorable for the developed technology by our partner. The outcome of this work can contribute to improving their technology from the view point of process efficiency, cost and sustainability. Moreover, the outcome of this research can contribute to development of a more effective and low-cost ethylene removal technology that can help developing customizable in-door ecosystems for efficiently producing fresh crops anywhere on earth.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jafar Soltan


Nazanin Aghdam


Farm Boys Design Corp.


Engineering - other


Environmental industry




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