Embedded Philosophy in Near-Living Architecture

The intern will investigate the architectural potential and philosophical merit of Near-Living Architecture, a design that allows environments to be aware and empathetic to their occupants. To do this, the intern will edit and contribute to the upcoming Near-Living Architecture Monograph, a written work describing the vision, execution and future applications of research conducted by PBAI. Furthermore, the intern will lead independent research on the topic of emergence, which reveals itself in this work, to create scholarly contributions to the field. Attempts to understand the phenomena have never been approached using an architectural installation as grounds to model the phenomena. Ultimately, the partner organization will benefit from having an intern highly qualified in science communication and philosophy to produce material on their behalf that otherwise could not be properly contextualized. This mutually beneficial partnership marks a rare collaboration between the humanities and applied sciences with potential to create paradigmatic knowledge.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Rob Gorbet


Teresa Branch-Smith


Philip Beesley Architect Inc.


Architecture and design


Construction and infrastructure


University of Waterloo



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