Employing Data Mining Strategies for Intelligent Project Management

Typical accounting systems are built for accountants, and they are great for filing a year-end. However, they are a burden at running day-to-day consulting companies where every hour has value. The GroupThinq accounting application tackles this problem by providing a framework to control, in real-time, every aspect of a company, helping teams to run projects, connecting teams across organizational silos, and making visible the value of time for every team member. Although GroupThinq system has shown to improve financial performance on jobs, empowering and motivating individuals to meet the project’s financial targets, the produced and collected data has not been explored in its full potential. The objective of this project is to leverage such potential by adding machine learning and visualization components to the framework to support an in-depth data analysis, providing a visual interface to help users to explore and understand the results of statistical and prediction analysis.

Faculty Supervisor:

Fernando Paulovich


Martha Ferreira


Group Thinq


Computer science


Information and communications technologies




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