Employment Transitions of Refugees: Refugees, Employer, and Sponsorship Group Perspectives in Pictou County

Since 1979, Canadians have used the Private Sponsorship of Refugee (PSR) program to sponsor and resettle refugees in their communities. One of the roles community-based refugee resettlement volunteers play is helping newcomers find work or set up a small business. Research indicates that community-sponsored refugees make a faster and more resilient economic transition, but we don’t know why. This study draws from the first-hand experiences of refugee newcomers and volunteers and employers who help refugee newcomers resettle to gain insight into why community-based resettlement facilitates their economic transitions. In addition to contributing to the academic knowledge on refugee economic integration, this study will provide tools for PSR groups to share with newcomers and the volunteers who support them including a “best-practices” manual for volunteers, an information booklet for employers, and an orientation to economic integration for refugee newcomers.

Faculty Supervisor:

Norine Verberg


Kenzie MacNeil


Pictou County Safe Harbour Society




Other services (except public administration)


St. Francis Xavier University



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