EMR Benefits Realization Project

Under the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care's Physician IT Program, Ontario's physicians have been funded for an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system within their practice. OntarioMD, a subsidiary of the Ontario Medical Association, was established to support all physician adoption of health information technology (HIT). The purpose of the research project is to participate in the review undertaken by OntarioMD on the implementation and use of EMR systems to garner information on best practices that will facilitate knowledge sharing with other physicians, who will be implementing EMR, to aid in understanding the benefits to be realized from adopting the HIT. This research will contribute to the EMR Benefits Realization Project, which is an integral part of Ontario’s Physician eHealth initiative to promote and accelerate the adoption of EMRs in primary care settings that will be key for all Ontarians to achieve an electronic health record by 2015.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Aviv Shachak


Plumaletta Berry




Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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