Energy-Efficient and Robust Wireless Sensor Networking for Marine Environments

Interactio has a plan to build automated sensor packages for boats and recreational vehicles (RVs). The objective of the sensor packages is to measure water level, fuel flow, movement, etc. This project is focused on developing self-contained sensor packages that are rugged, wireless, cost-effective, do not require battery replacements, and can be used to sense and actuate for many different use cases. All components of a sensor package should be equipped with low energy chips and radios as well as have energy harvesting capabilities. Since the sensor package needs to work in wet, harsh environments and will be placed in enclosed locations, the technologies planned to be used need to be thoroughly explored. Therefore, at the initial phase of this project, we hope to find out the most suitable technologies for the sensor package, and their best configurations. The deliverables in this phase are the complete specifications of a sample sensor package and wireless networks that will be used in the manufacturing phase.

Faculty Supervisor:

Victor Leung


Rukhsana Ruby




Engineering - computer / electrical


Information and communications technologies




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