Energy Harvesting and Power Management Techniques for Hybrid Powered Wearable Devices

Bigmotion Inc. was created to develop wearable health monitoring sensors and service the ‘at-home’ care segment of the elder care market. This project involves studying of existing literature and development of novel solutions for
power management and energy harvesting for the product including tracking and fall detection systems using hybridpower. Analysis of proper control approaches for maximum power point tracking of flexible photovoltaic cells along with the integration of renewable energy harvesting system with the wireless-chargeable battery structure will be studied during this project. The energy harvesting systems will be used to utilize available solar energy to extend the lifetime of the battery, while wireless charging techniques improve the usability of the device by elderlies. The main barrier in system development is the size of the final product, which will be optimized through proper design. The results will be an efficient power electronic system to be in the hybrid-powered product.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward Park


Yaser Mohammadian Roshan


Bigmotion Technologies Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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