Energy Management System of Distributed Energy Resources

The distributed energy management system that needs to be optimized represents a control and command center for a network of distributed resources, which may operate within an isolated or weakly interconnected micro-grid. The controller’s primary functions are to communicate with each distributed energy resource controller to determine the operating status of each distributed energy resources and to issue energy management control commands to reliably manage the stable integration of the distributed energy resources with the larger scale grid. The distributed energy management controller can manage individual energy resources manually, automatically with preprogrammed control, or based on other additional external input received. The scope of this project covers simulation relative to control of individual energy resources, multiple energy resources as distributed across the application site, and the final integrated operation of multi energy resources as one system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Juri Jatskevich


Soroush Amini Akbarabadi


Alpha Technologies Ltd.


Engineering - computer / electrical




University of British Columbia



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