Energy Storage Based Electric Vehicle Charging System – Integration to Grid

Proliferation of electric vehicles indicates the need for a large number of Fast-Charging station that can charge the EV battery within 10 to 15 minutes in contrast to the slow charging process which takes several hours. The fast charging stations themselves will be supplied from the host utility grid and consequently can impose significant burden on the electricity infrastructure. Green Cheetah Fast-Charging Technology provides provisions to minimize or eliminate the impact of fast-charging station on the grid. This proposal is to research and develop supplementary capability for Green Cheetah station to assist the host utility when the station capacity is not fully utilized for EV charging. The main objective of the proposal is to enhance the supervisory control structure and local controllers of the station with algorithm that can exploit the existing power hardware for assisting the grid that supplies the station.

Faculty Supervisor:

Reza Iravani


Shady El Batawy




Engineering - computer / electrical


Environmental industry




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