Engendering Dialogue and Meaningful Participation Among Constituencies Working Toward Ending Homelessness in Victoria, BC., Phase II

This work will build on the findings of the literature review conducted in Phase I. Phase II will focus on engaging people with experience of homelessness in vetting and refining inclusionary principles identified in Phase I and developing a draft inclusionary policy for the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.The work is also highly relevant to Vancity. The Statement of Values and Commitments, developed in 2000, acts as a compass to guide Vancity’s business decisions and strategies to stay on course. One of the issues most important is addressing homelessness. This work builds on VanCity's former Community Leadership Strategy to tackle poverty in the communities in which we live and work and will help guide their thinking about meaningful community engagement and impact, and will inform future consultation processes with various community voices and stakeholders.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Bernadette Pauly


Trudy Norman






Finance, insurance and business


University of Victoria



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