Enhanced Child Safety in Automobiles- Knowledge & Technology Transfer

This project was in partnership with AUTO21. The focus of the research project is to raise awareness and knowledge of the public about the importance of booster seats for children aged 4-9. The specific objective of the internship is to evaluate the impact of Canadian booster seat legislation on motor vehicle occupant fatalities and injuries, especially spinal cord injuries, amongst children aged 4-9. The intern will develop a method of identifying booster seat preventable injuries in large Canadian databases and will compare rates of booster seat preventable injuries between provinces with booster seat laws and those without. The internship will be very beneficial to the Safe Kids Canada, the partner organization, as the major output of the internship will be a report card results to be posted on the Safe Kids Canada) website prior to their national passenger safety campaign in the spring of 2011.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Andrew Howard


Patricia P.S. Lee


Safe Kids Canada




Automotive and transportation


University of Toronto



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