Enhanced Storage Systems in IOS and Analytics platforms

The internship will be divided into two parts (4 months each). In the first half, I will be working with Freshbooks´ IOS product. They currently use apple’s data storage called Core Data. It’s an internal data storage system that is built-in to the phone, and allows the application to work without an internet connection. I will be evaluating other systems like Realm and Couchbase Lite to find out if they suit the product better than the existing system that is being used. One of the key deliverables will be a simple implementation of an alternate storage system. In the second half I will work with the Analytics team, which is in the inception stage. I will be evaluating big data stores that can be used to collect and store product and user data. As data accumulates, there will be a need to process it and derive intelligent metrics from it. Example: Which customer-facing feature is the least used? Using results of such analytical queries the invoicing product suite can be sharpened to suit users better.

Faculty Supervisor:

Anthony Bonner


Harsha Balasubramanian




Computer science


Information and communications technologies


University of Toronto



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