Enhanced Techniques for History Matching and Forecasting of Petroleum Reservoir Data – Year Two

History matching refers to calibrating numerical or analytical models by the observed data. However, this task can be very challenging in presence of complex geology and/or many unknown data .
The purpose of this project is to introduce and apply the new techniques for efficient creation of predictive history-matched models for reservoir characterization of conventional and unconventional reservoirs, which can be used for probabilistic forecast and uncertainty quantification. It is expected to implement as set of code and introduce new workflows that can enhance the history matching task in various problems. This include the use and applications of the state-of-the-arts methods that can represent the geology and can efficiently and accurately calibrate the dynamic models by minimizing the computational cost.
This postdoctoral program provides a unique opportunity to further my studies in history matching and uncertainty quantification to a new level within Rock Flow Dynamics (RFD). This project helps me utilize interactions with industry and receive industrial feedback on the practicality of my algorithms.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mario Costa Sousa


Hamidreza Hamdi


Rock Flow Dynamics Inc


Computer science





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