Enhancement of signal quality in Near Infra-Red (NIR) spontaneous Raman spectroscopy using coherent detection techniques for use in real-time cancer microsurgeries

Raman spectroscopy is a compound identification technique that can be used for real-time identification of cancerous tissues during surgery. The development and clinical translation of an intraoperative surgical-guidance instrument based on this technique is the main objective of ODS Medical, a Canadian startup. However, Raman signals are intrinsically very weak thereby requiring the measurements to be done in an absolute dark environment in order to minimize interferences by sources of light in the operating room. Such a requirement is incompatible with the clinical environment: presence of visible and invisible light sources is needed to accomplish surgeon’s tasks. Using coherent detection techniques, we propose to suppress environmental interferences from the collected signal, thus allowing to acquire high quality Raman spectra with no disruption of the surgical workflow. Those techniques will be implemented on the ODS Medical system and the prototype tested in various clinical environments in order to determine optimal system operational conditions. A 6-patients pilot study will be realised where in situ intraoperative measurements are acquired during glioma surgery at Montreal Neurosurgical Institute under various ambient light conditions.

Faculty Supervisor:

Frederic Lesage


Jean-Philippe Tremblay


ODS Medical Inc


Engineering - computer / electrical


Medical devices




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