Enhancement of the Performance of the Prefail’s Implant Health Monitoring System

This research and development project intends to improve the performance of a dental implant stability measurement (ISMS) device made by Prefail Dental Solutions Inc. The technical improvements proposed by this project includes (i) developing an impeoved and reliable signal processing technique, (ii) designing a calibration unit, (iii) designing a new tip for the ISMS clinical application, and (iv) fine-tuning the parameters in the quotient calculation algorithm of the ISMS. Clinical tests will also be conducted at two stages along with the laboratory improvement experiments that are planned to make the final version of hardware and software of ISMS. The feedback from dentists and patients and human test data will also be used to improve the performance of the final ISMS. The outcome of this project will help Prefail to have a device which is ready for commercialization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Siamak Arzanpour & Babk Chehroudi


Ahmed Ballo


PreFail Dental Solutions Inc.




Life sciences


Simon Fraser University


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