Enhancements/Tools for an Intelligent Voice-Centric Application

For educational voice-centric applications on computer and electronic devices, the proposed project aims to investigate methodologies and tools to support collaborative production environments. The company is developing proprietary collaborative production methods to support high quality on-demand content for mobile applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional models. A key research question for this voice- and language-centric application is: what methods and tools should be used to streamline the animation production process for animators collaborating on 2D animations using shared characters and resources? The main area of investigation is build an integrated tool for lip-syncing in a 2D character environment – something that currently does not exist to the level of sophistication as being proposed. The research project will also investigate the development of a speech engine specialized for educational mobile applications and specific collaborative production environment. This applied research is strategic and beneficial to the partner organization for being cost effective while increasing creativity and quality.

Faculty Supervisor:

Drs. Steve DiPaola & Fred Popowich


Mozhgan Akhgari




Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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