Enhancing Operational Interoperability for Information Exchange in the Pork Industry

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) adoption in livestock production landscape has been transformative and has led to a fundamental need for sophisticated data management and exchange solutions. Building an interoperable data management system requires an understanding of data context, stakeholders’ needs, data usage conditions, as well as contractual and legal requirements. Only through understanding the data and business management ecosystem, we can develop a proactive plan that ensures appropriate data usage, addresses business goals, and creates shared values. The goal of this research is to systematically examine Ontario Pork’s existing data exchange and sharing solutions as well as challenges and propose frameworks, methodologies, and procedures that enhance interoperability of data and systems in the pork industry.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rozita Dara


Dhiren Audich


Ontario Pork


Computer science




University of Guelph



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