Enhancing steady state processing of plant based ingredients for the food industry

In partnership with KeyLeaf (KL), Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SP) is developing a system for the bioprocessing industry that will interface through a mobile app, collect data on a NoSQL database, and use analytics to mine it for new insights into all processing aspects. The Engage phase of the project will commence in tandem with a MITACS grant of the same scope, involving building the database (DB) and user interface, determining how to best structure the data for analysis, designing the analytic algorithms, then testing the system and prepping for the next phase. This will produce a faster bioprocessing system for KL capable of identifying areas in its own processes that can be improved, thus increasing product quality. SP will benefit from knowledge exchange with KL and plant-based ingredient processing techniques will be fine-tuned.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kevin Rogers;Terry Peckham;Cyril Coupal


Will Crasto;Brett Hickie




Computer science




Saskatchewan Polytechnic



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