Enhancing the abiotic and biotic oxidation of manganese for cold groundwater biofiltration

Manganese (Mn) affects the flavour and colour of water, and causes scaling in pipes, even at low concentrations. Groundwater is a crucial water resource in Saskatchewan and is often naturally rich in Mn. Strong demands for securing clean water have arisen in a variety of public and industrial sectors. The study’s objective is to accelerate Mn removal from cold groundwater by taking advantage of the potential synergetic effects of combining abiotic and biotic Mn oxidation at low temperatures using Mn-oxide-coated anthracite and cold-adapted, Mn-oxidizing microbial consortia. This innovative approach aims at accelerating the often delayed Mn oxidation in the early stages of operation of a groundwater treatment unit. This chemical-free and energy-efficient technology has the potential to change the field of water treatment. This research is on the frontline of Canada’s innovation for water security and environmental protection, and the results will help Canada meet its present and future needs.

Faculty Supervisor:

Won Jae Chang


Sandeep Raja Dangeti


Delco Automation


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


University of Saskatchewan



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